“Owners have stated that our process was as important (and in some cases, more so) as the construction project itself!”

Roof Consultants, Roofing and General Contractors, Property Management Companies, and facility managers from across the country trust us with their dust and debris control needs.  And for good reason—we pioneered the Interior Protection Industry.

Expertise is best achieved through experience and ours includes millions of square feet in every conceivable environment and in all industries. We are qualified to work in any environment and we place customer service at the top of our priorities so your job is completed on time and on budget, every time.


Following their father and grandfather in the family general contracting business, brothers Josh Morgan Pennington and James Hayden Pennington learned the solid principals that have built the foundation of their business today.

Josh and James realized the need for specialized Interior Dust Containment after completing a contract on a large roof replacement requiring interior protection for a major auto manufacturer in Central Kentucky. They successfully protected over 4 million square feet of production space and were inspired to depart from the general contracting market to form Morgan Hayden LLC in March 2006. This newly formed company offered a solution to the long-standing problem of dust and debris infiltration during roof replacement and other construction renovation processes. Soon, their business had expanded nationally and included a number of Fortune 500 clients.

Today, ShieldWorks relies on the same values of integrity and dedication to bring each and every client the best possible solution to their project.