Who installs ShieldWorks Dust and Debris Protection?

Our protection is only installed by our trained, OSHA certified installers and each project is carefully overseen by a Protection Team Leader and an OSHA certified Safety Supervisor.

Can I afford dust and debris protection?

Can you afford not to? The cost of protecting your facility could be pennies compared to the potential for lost production time, damage to inventory/equipment, extensive clean-up, or worse, the accidental injury of an employee.

Will the protection affect the lighting in my facility?

Our interior protection is typically installed below the lighting using clear string reinforced polyethylene sheets. This material allows nearly 100% of light penetration. Even our fire retardant polyethylene material only minimally diminishes lighting.

How would the dust and debris protection work be coordinated with that of the renovation/construction/roofing work?

Based on generations of experience in general contracting, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to coordinate our efforts with those of other trades to bring your project in on time and on budget

How long will it take to protect my facility and how will your installation affect my operations?

ShieldWorks has completed installations of 130,000 square foot facilities in as little as 9 days with no impact on production, but the reality is that the length of time it takes to complete the dust control installations depends on the degree of difficulty (number of ceiling penetrations at the clearest path elevation, lift access, aisle space, etc.) and the size and production schedule of your facility. Our work typically takes place when facilities are shut down (nights/weekends/etc.), but many times installations must occur during 24/7 production schedules. Our crews are small enough and skilled enough to complete the installation and removal without affecting normal production activities. Our highest priority is to minimize or eliminate disruptions to your normal operations for the duration of the project.

How can I get a protection estimate for my facility?

Typically, unless you have exact square footages, schematic drawings, or a consistent space that could be thoroughly explored through high quality digital images, we will need to conduct an onsite visit to your facility. Please contact us at (800) 294-0694 to discuss your interior protection requirements.

My facility is designed in a way that will make it very difficult if not impossible to protect, how I know if dust and debris protection is even an option for my facility?

Millions of square feet of interior protection for more than 10 years in every conceivable environment provides the confidence that ShieldWorks can create a dust control solution that meets the needs of your facility.

How do I know if I need dust and debris protection?

If you are in the planning phase of a roof replacement or construction renovation project, owner’s representatives, roof consultants, and roofing contractors should meet with a ShieldWorks representative to discuss the potential requirement for dust, debris, or fume control.  Call 800-294-0694 to arrange a conference call or site visit.  Typically, our involvement in this planning process can minimize the cost of protecting your facility and contribute to the overall success of the project.