It’s no secret that dust and debris can build-up causing health hazards if left uncleaned. Even in high structures, there is no exemption from this dirt building up throughout the seasons. It can form on the ceiling, especially if you have exposed steel beams or a closed drop ceiling. If the roof needs to get replaced or renovated, the build up can get even worse. When any of it falls down to the floor, it can not only affect the health of the workers and customers, but it can be unhygienic to the products inside the building. This is where the CleanShield™ will make a huge difference with the health and safety of the building!

What does the CleanShield™ do?

It all starts with the suspended covering used to catch any extra dust and debris. Once it’s in place a variety of HEPA vacuums, low-velocity air washers, and other techniques. These tools will be able to safely get rid of anything left on the ductwork, pipes, metal beams, trusses, and any other horizontal surface that’s high up.

What are the advantages of high structure cleaning?

The biggest advantage and the most important reason is health and safety. Dust and debris can be dangerous to the workers breathing in whatever falls from the ceiling. It can also contaminate quite a few productions whether it’s for food, medication, or even getting mixed up into whatever is being produced. You don’t want debris getting dyed with a batch of yarn or getting underneath stickers for a medical device. The CleanShield™ can make a huge difference with production and how well your company operates!