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Northeast, USA

Project Overview: Shieldworks was contacted by a roofing consultant representing the largest nuclear energy producer in the northeast.  The project consisted of 88,000 square feet of roof replacement in one of its operational turbine buildings.

The Challenge: Replacing the roof of a nuclear turbine building can be among the most difficult and time-consuming projects in the roofing industry.  Scheduled to be completed over a four year period, the project called for a long-lasting protection solution.  In addition to the length of time, a important criteria called for an interior protection system that would not retain water, while still being able to contain all roofing debris.

The Solution: ShieldWorks contacted Herve Rivard of Netting Now.  Mr. Rivard recommended an NP-110 @ 3/32” x 3/32” Polyester Mesh.  The mesh provided the allowable strength for roofing debris while maintaining the requirement for a material that allowed water to pass through the containment barrier.

Conclusion:  Because of the diverse experience Shieldworks has gleaned over our 18 + years (offering protection solutions ) we were able to provide a unique, but intuitive solution for an industry with very little margin for error.

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Maty , 2012


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