Exterior Weather Barriers

Exterior Weather Barriers2024-05-20T13:45:35-04:00

Protect your project from the toughest elements with WeatherShield

Our weather containment enclosures provide temporary protection that shields your construction project from the elements and prevents dust & debris from contaminating the environment. Heavy duty vertical or horizontal debris protection can wrap a building in a cocoon of safety, protecting both workers and on-the-street pedestrians, as well as adjacent properties. Our building wrap WeatherShield is ultra-durable, fire retardant and can be relocated for re-use! Our system complies with OSHA regulations and meets CPAI-84, Section 6 Tent Walls and Tops.

Our Scaffold Wrap/Temporary Building Enclosures are perfect for projects that need to stay on schedule during inclement weather. Custom shrink wrap services offer a proven solution for buildings, scaffolding and tunnels. We also offer bird barriers, sunshade protection and more. Whatever your project demands, let ShieldWorks deliver!

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