industrashieldFor scarifying and re-flooring projects, sandblasting, concrete cutting, remodeling, installation of new equipment, tenant improvements, restoration, and reparation, a vertical dust barrier or temporary construction enclosure keeps out construction dust and debris. Perfect for interior demolition and projects, these shrink wrap poly engineered films create a frameless wall from floor to ceiling and keeps dust, debris, odors and fumes from escaping to adjacent functioning areas of the facility while keeping employees and products safe.

Construction wall barriers can be specialized to meet your specific project requirements, including doorways, tunnels and air filters.  Convenient access doors, decontamination rooms with sticky mats and air scrubbing or filtration equipment can be provided based on the individual requirements of your project. We adhere to NFPA 701 containment standards.  When unique situations arise, ShieldWorks customizes temporary interior protection systems to protect your particular environment.

ShieldWorks’ IndustraShield provides:

  • Temporary enclosures for construction / construction dust barriers
  • Heated enclosures for concrete contractors
  • Shrink wrap containments /walls
  • Hazardous and Nonhazardous containment during Renovations
  • Shipping Containment/ Freight Enclosures