Temporary Suspended Cover

Temporary Suspended Cover2023-10-19T16:23:31-04:00

Using our custom-designed IntelliShield™ to provide overhead dust and debris containment and protection

Suspended Ceiling Interior Protection offers optimum protection when creating a dust & debris containment barrier during re-roofing and other overhead construction projects. Our expertise and methodology is the result of years of hard work, experience and collaboration with industry professionals, coupled with countless millions of square feet of field tested installation.

ShieldWorks offers a variety of materials and methods to maximize your suspended ceiling requirements. We are proud to offer IntelliShield™ as one of those materials—the first 100% recyclable product that allows for “below sprinkler” installation of temporary dust and debris containment during re-roofing projects. The product is UL Certified , verifying that IntelliShield TM will dissolve at a temperature below the sprinkler setting, thereby releasing the poly away and allowing the sprinkler to activate without delay.

We are constantly working to improve our means, methods and materials to bring our customers the most reliable protection available today. Trust ShieldWorks for your next interior protection project!

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