Now you have a choice you didn’t have before! Introducing IntelliShield™—the first 100% recyclable product that allows for “below sprinkler” installation of temporary dust and debris containment during re-roofing projects. The product just completed the respected UL approval process, proving IntelliShield™ will dissolve at high temperatures, allowing sprinklers to do their job putting out potential fires.

As the interior protection industry continues to evolve, Insurance Companies, Fire Marshall’s and Safety Personnel continue to express concerns about the risk of temporary suspended ceilings potentially impeding fire sprinklers.

While for many years, suspended ceilings have been installed below sprinklers (while following the guidelines of NFPA Chapter 25,) there was always the potential of impediment/delay of sprinkler activation.

Although, in many cases, ShieldWorks can and will install (and recommend) our barriers ABOVE sprinklers (dependent upon access and congestion) we recognized that the industry has continued to press for an alternative solution. In responding to our customer’s needs, ShieldWorks is pleased to offer IntelliShield™… the Intuitive Solution to Sprinkler Impairment!

There are many considerations involved in designing a suspended ceiling solution. Although many customers may demand a product that incorporates a heat reactive release panel, others may recognize that there are risks to this system as well. ShieldWorks offers IntelliShield™ as an Option… not as a take or leave it product. Our mission is to offer you a choice and to provide the expertise and guidance to help you select what system is right for YOU!

We are excited to offer this UL-approved (UL File #R39057) product that is environmentally-friendly and a safe and effective solution to concerns about sprinkler impairment. It meets National Fire Protection Association Requirements that refer to the expanded drop ceiling portion of NFPA 13. IntelliShield™ is made in USA in conjunction with a vocational program that provides meaningful jobs for people with disabilities.
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Classifed UL 723 S , IntelliShield™ utilizes a break away heat reactive panel that releases at a temperature just below the sprinkler head setting to allow for unencumbered function of the sprinkler head.

  • Classified UL 723S and meets NFPA 13
  • Fully Recyclable!


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