Any construction project comes with its share of risks and hazards, but generally, you take steps to avoid injury and damage, whether it be personal protective equipment, specialized techniques or other safety measures. The same should go for your construction dust.

Risk to people

Dust and debris tend to get everywhere during a construction project, and we don’t always think about the harm it’s causing.  Without temporary dust containment, your employees and other people in the construction area are at risk of being hit with falling debris or affected by poor ventilation.

With a temporary ceiling cover in place, dust and debris can be kept out of the breathing air and away from employees. Just like with any hazard, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Risk to products

With no interior protection, you are also risking damage to products, which could lead to a financial loss or worse. Clean environments are crucial in most industries, but especially in medical or food and beverage facilities.

Taking the extra step to protect the building, equipment and products can save you in the long run. A suspended cover will keep dust and debris off the floor and anything else that might be there, allowing you to avoid damage to property.

Risk to production

Construction projects can often affect production in a facility by causing interruptions and disruptions to schedules, which is why too often necessary repairs are put off. With construction dust barriers in place, it is easier to continue to get work done without the threat of downtime.

Temporary construction dust barriers help protect the people and building below, which means your facility can keep running, no matter what overhead project is going on. No more falling behind or missing deadlines because of renovations and repairs. Plus, when you add in construction wall barriers, you’re protected on all fronts for even better productivity.

ShieldWorks is here to help you reduce the risk of unnecessary hazards, danger, and disruptions during construction projects with temporary dust containment systems. Safety is our top priority, and we want to make sure people, products, and production all stay protected during your next project.

We know the best methods of providing temporary dust containment, no matter the complexity of your project. Meeting your unique needs is what we do best. When you’re ready to discuss your next project, we’re ready to help.

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