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Providing Innovative Solutions for Temporary Dust and Debris Containment

For more than 18 years, ShieldWorks has continued to provide creative interior protection solutions to commercial, industrial, and retail clients throughout North America. Our customer- first philosophy is evident from start to finish on every project. Ownership and senior management assume a hands-on approach and are actively engaged and accessible through all phases from design to installation and removal. Experience the “ShieldWorks Difference” on your next interior protection project!

Temporary Suspended Ceilings

Temporary Suspended Ceiling Interior Protection offers optimum shielding during roof replacement and other overhead construction projects through the installation of horizontal dust and debris containment barriers.

Dust Containment Walls

Effective temporary barrier solutions designed to separate active work environments from interior construction renovation zones.

High Structure Cleaning

High Structure Cleaning of the elevated pipes, ductwork, and other horizontal surfaces and structures that may have been affected by either a single roof replacement project or years of neglect.

Exterior Weather Barriers

Temporary Exterior Protection that shields your construction project from the elements and prevents dust and debris contamination of the environment.Put our Shield to Work for you.
Whatever it takes…ShieldWorks can protect your space!

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Our team of dust and debris containment experts will develop a solution that keeps your business safe and operational. Rest easy knowing that your business is protected by a ShieldWorks system.

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