Alex Pennington

Chief Estimator

Alex is a homegrown Kentucky lad! He began working as a laborer with ShieldWorks in 2012, fresh out of high school, before eventually transitioning to a crew lead, a salesperson in 2017, and then into his current role. 

Alex loves the friendships he has gained throughout his time at ShieldWorks, with teammates and with clients. Many seasons have been challenging for ShieldWorks as we have grown into the company we are today. Time and time again, Alex has witnessed God give ShieldWorks the ability to handle more than what seems possible. He says that “God loves to give us more than we can handle, because it causes us to lean on Him for the strength we simply don’t have”. For Alex, he sees so much hard work, teamwork, and God’s work here at ShieldWorks!

What hobbies do you enjoy most?

My wife and I love to play boardgames with friends! It’s a great way to connect and have fun.

Being raised in Kentucky, what’s one way you enjoy the local scenes?

My wife and I walk through Lexington almost every night and spend a lot of time pursuing relationships with International Students from the University of Kentucky, as well as refugees that come to the city. We love learning about other cultures and getting to grow our perspectives past the ones we grew up in. We have a couple weekly meetings within our small church community and those are our favorite times!

If you were at the X-Games, what sport would you participate in?

I love aggressive-inline rollerblading at the skatepark… and I’m pretty good at it. I started when I was 8 years old and I can still get some sick air in a 22 ft. half pipe! Too bad the X Games no longer has it in competition, because I’m terrible at almost all other sports.

What is a skill some people may be surprised to learn you have?

I have some experience in Audio Engineering and spent a summer working a technical job for a large Christian Camp in Texas.


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