Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers

Project Manager

Matt is one of our amazing Project Managers here at ShieldWorks. He’s been a part of the team for over 9 years! He takes great pride in ensuring each and every project and customer is met with complete satisfaction! Nothing beats a happy customer! In fact, that’s Matt’s number one goal with every project. Nothing feels better than a sense of accomplishment, and he gets that feeling everytime we complete a project!

Matt came to us from the factory world. Having him in the ShieldWorks family just makes sense! His leadership skills and vision have been a great asset to the team.

On your day off, where can we find you?

At one of my kids’ sporting events or out on the water fishing.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Before I came to ShieldWorks I decided to get into carpentry. It was a fun time and I learned quite a bit!

What’s the best secret about yourself that isn’t actually a secret at all?

I am always up for a good laugh! It is the best medicine after all.