Construction Partitions and Temporary Enclosures are the proven solution during scarifying and re-flooring projects, sandblasting, concrete cutting, remodeling, installation of new equipment, tenant improvements, restoration and reparation. Our temporary vertical wall systems offer a variety of options to maximize your protection. Perfect for interior demolition and construction projects, our barriers can be specialized to meet your specific project requirements including doorway/ equipment access. Our total encapsulation barriers/tunnels/Hygienic Zones and Vestibules offer air scrubbing, filtration, negative air stabilizers, pre-worksite containment vestibules are ideal for cleaning/de-contamination prior to entry into or out of work zones. ShieldWorks offers heated enclosures for concrete contractors, and Shipping Containment/Freight Enclosures. We adhere to NFPA 701 containment standards. Let ShieldWorks customize a solution to meet your needs.

An effective solution when you need to create a temporary barrier between your active work environment and the construction zone.

  • Modular Design prevents contamination during construction/renovation
  • Offers a visual barrier between construction site and active work area, minimizing employee distraction.
  • Modular design allows for versatility and adaptability around congested spaces.
  • Offers a cost-effective way to protect people and product.
  • Ideal for a variety of environments including commercial, industrial and retail.
  • Offers food grade options (USDA Compliant) ideal for environments requiring a heightened degree protection and anti-microbial features.
  • Fully Recyclable

ShieldWall’s frameless installation reduces installation and project costs/expenses when compared to a traditional stud framed walls.