Kentucky is Home and Family is Our Business

Following their father and grandfather in the family general contracting business, brothers Josh and James Pennington learned the solid principles that built the foundation of their business today… work ethic, integrity and delivery on promise. And as Kentucky natives James and Josh know the importance of Southern hospitality when it comes to running their small, family business.

Interior Protection Saves Time, Money and Employee Health During Any Construction Project

When it comes to shielding your people, property and production, ensuring that you include interior protection is a must. Interior protection gives your customers peace of mind while allowing the construction process and company production to proceed without delay. It also gives your project an added layer of protection for your people, even allowing the option of continuing your production without shutting down operations in some instances. 

ShieldWorks is the Professional Dust Containment Company You Need!

Choosing the right company for your Interior Protection sets your project apart. We are the company your client will see. We install the system your client will work with. And we will be a large part of what your client remembers. Non-professionals often can’t see the nuances and details of a space with photos. This could lead to a detrimental system that is ineffective once a project begins. Let us bring our professionalism and expertise to your next project.

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Kentucky FAQs

Shieldworks has completed dozens of projects in the state of Kentucky. We've worked on government buildings, manufacturing facilities, grocery stores, and beyond. You name it, we've contained it.
ShieldWorks has had 5 generations of construction experience in the commonwealth area. Family is where it all begins. Serving our homestate is a joy. Local and family-owned sets us apart in the industry. Protecting the commonwealth by choosing a local, family-owned business for your interior protection needs not only means your job will be served with strong expertise but also allows you to keep your business in the family–the Kentucky family that is!
We’ve had many projects in the state. One of our most memorable projects here was working on the Historic Courthouse in Lexington. It was a unique challenge that allowed us to grow as a company and to serve our local community. Check out this project highlight to learn more about that project!
We completed over 4 million sq. ft. for Toyota manufacturing in Georgetown, KY.

Shield Your People, Property and Production

Our team of dust and debris containment experts will develop a solution that keeps your business safe and operational. Rest easy knowing that your business is protected by a ShieldWorks system.

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