Project Details

Client: Patrick D. Murphy Co., Inc.

Project Type: Commercial

Location: Lexington, KY

Project Overview

ShieldWorks was contacted by Jean-Paul Grivas of Patrick D. Murphy Co., Inc., Architects to help specify a means of protecting the interior dome of the historic Courthouse in downtown Lexington, KY.

The Challenge

The courthouse had greatly deteriorated from years of neglect. In order to properly renovate the interior space and protect the historic molded plaster sculpture and frieze, the cupola would have to be stripped of its original slate roof very carefully. In doing so, ShieldWorks was called to develop a system to divert water from flooding the interior space, should a sudden rain occur during the tear-off.

The Solution

ShieldWorks developed a poly “skin” that conformed to the interior of the massive cupola. Channels were formed in the poly at each side of the cupola that directed water to the base. Should water have penetrated the roof during the renovation process, the water would have exited the walls through temporary plastic scuppers at the base of each side.


A multi-million dollar renovation project required a literal top-to-bottom solution for protection of its historical artifacts and finishes. Experience was the key to providing a specification that provided each sub-contractor the successful path to completion. ShieldWorks always strives to find the best and most cost-effective solutions.