Many of us recall our grandparents or parents placing their cups or bowls upside down in the kitchen cabinets. Of course, you might still do the same thing due to your upbringing. But have you ever thought about why that started becoming a common practice in the first place? 

Well, believe it or not, this was a result of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, which saw a significant number of severe dust storms blowing through peoples’ houses and leading to over 3 million people moving out of the Great Planes. This practice was a simple way to keep dishes from being filled with dust and causing harm to someone who might unknowingly consume it, due to the lack of water to clean dishes.

What does this story have to do with ShieldWorks? Well, it’s partly just a fun and interesting anecdote. However, it’s also a reminder that when we talk about dust and debris, it’s important to remember that dust can mean more than just the small gray buildup you see on your bookshelves at home. In great quantities, dust can be hazardous and even fatal. Combine that with a storm bringing in dust and debris, and you’ve got a major issue coming straight for your facility. That is why we designed the ShieldWorks WeatherShield. It provides temporary protection that shields your construction project from the elements and prevents dust and debris from contaminating the environment.

When it comes to interior protection from exterior elements, we offer a few different options to protect your construction job from the weather.

Exterior or Interior Construction Projects

Certain construction projects may leave the building susceptible to weather damage depending on the area where your facility is located. Temporary exterior or interior protection can be installed to shield your project from inclement weather and dust and debris contamination. In addition, heavy-duty netting, scaffold wrap and building wrap, can create a cocoon-like safety barrier around the building. This protects workers and pedestrians along with the project itself. 

building under construction with dust containment wrap on exterior

This protection is not only ultra-durable to weather but other elements as well. . Additionally, some of our products can be relocated for additional use.This material is perfect for projects that need to stay on schedule during harsh storms, as it will hold up no matter what is happening around it.

Bird Netting

If you are terrified of Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds, you may want to move past this section. Whether we want to think about it or not, birds can be a major issue in an exterior construction project. Be it their nests, the debris they carry, or their droppings, while they may not attack us directly, birds can end up causing high amounts of damage. That is why our offerings for temporary exterior construction jobs include bird netting. This barrier is designed to repel birds of any size, keeping your construction site clean and damage-free from pests. 

Custom Shrink-Wrap Services

Sometimes, your construction project may require wrap for equipment like tunnels and scaffolding in addition to the building itself. This equipment can vary in size, which makes custom options necessary. Our custom shrink-wrap services offer a proven solution where we use cables and heat welding to fully envelop the building, protecting it from incoming elements.

There’s no doubt that dust and debris can cause your building damage. We can help you protect your project with our exterior weather protection. Our WeatherShield is the highest quality protection on the market, and we want to work with you! Contact us today and schedule an evaluation!