We like to say that we bring the “ShieldWorks difference” to each dust and debris containment job we undertake. We not only have the expertise, but the passion for what we do, which is shielding your people, property and production. ShieldWorks is your friendly neighborhood interior protection company serving each and every customer with our core principles of integrity and dedication while offering the best possible solution for every project need.

ShieldWorks has 20+ Years and 5 Generations of History

For the past 22 years, ShieldWorks has provided temporary Dust and Debris Containment Services throughout North America. However, 22 years doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the experience passed down from generation to generation in the Pennington family. Current owners James and Josh Pennington are not the first in the family to work in the construction industry. Their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather have all managed what was previously known as the C.E. Pennington Company, (General Contractors).

It was in the early 2000s that James joined the company after completing his degree in Architecture from the University of Kentucky. James and his father, Carlos, began thinking about the future of the business as Carlos headed toward retirement. After being awarded a bid on a 4 million square foot re-roofing project with an interior protection requirement at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, James and Carlos began their path into the interior protection business. 

Soon after this, they decided to focus entirely on Temporary Dust and Debris Containment. By this time, James’ brother Josh had also graduated from the University of Kentucky and joined the business. While the new business initially went by Morgan Hayden Incorporated, James and Josh soon rebranded as ShieldWorks in order to become more recognizable in this up and coming industry.

The ShieldWorks Difference Starts with Reputation

ShieldWorks has a long, proven history, giving us a stellar reputation among those in the Interior Protection Industry. Our strong financial stability, proven safety record, and time-proven materials and methodology are at the core of why our clients trust us and recommend us to others. We are a real “brick and mortar” business, meaning we don’t simply operate out of a pick-up truck. Our installers are full-time employees, and all have OSHA 10/30 Certifications.

Our installers are unmatched in their ability to maneuver around equipment and production lines that may be obstacles during a project. Interior protection is truly an art form that can only be learned and mastered with years of experience. Our operators are experts in the field! 

Changing the Game through Innovation

Since the early days of the Interior Protection Industry, the go-to product used was a standard 6-mil reinforced poly. It worked well. However, the difficulty of getting it above sprinkler heads caused a significant safety risk. Additionally, fire code compliance has become a challenge in the protection industry. So ShieldWorks created IntelliShield to ensure clients were being protected without impeding sprinkler systems.

IntelliShield is made of a 6-mil woven poly that is sewn in 6’x10’ panels using a heat-reactive thread that melts away when the heat reaches a temperature below the sprinkler setting. Once the thread melts, the poly panels release, allowing the sprinklers to activate in a timely manner. This is one perfect example of how ShieldWorks is changing the Interior Protection Industry.

ShieldWorks is dedicated to advancing the Interior Protection Industry to protect your project with the best possible quality. If your next project requires temporary dust containment, schedule an on-site evaluation with us!