Project Details

Client: Oxmoor Mall

Project Type: Commercial

Location: Louisville, KY

Open since 1971, Oxmoor Mall remains a staple of the city of Louisville, located in northern Kentucky. Oxmoor Center has worked to expand and improve itself in recent years, which in part led to their decision to become home to Louisville’s only TopGolf location. It soon became necessary for the mall to design a space that would be the entrance for Oxmoor’s newest guest. 

This meant that one end of the 50+-year-old mall needed to be demolished in order to make room for the new entrance, as well as for new restaurants, and an outdoor community area. However, after the section was demolished, the owners quickly became concerned about winter weather causing issues.

This is where ShieldWorks entered the scene.

The Product

We knew immediately that our WeatherShield would be the perfect solution to enclose the exposed area until the construction company could complete the designed solution. 

The Challenge

Due to our small percentage of weather containment projects, we don’t keep those materials in our shop. Shrink wrap poly and heavy gauge metal studs were called for. The project was undertaken following the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the supply chain were very much still being felt at the time. In addition, as we worked to install the WeatherShield protection we encountered some days that were too windy for the shrink wrap to properly heat up and seal, adding an extra element of difficulty to the project.

The Solution

WeatherShield is much thicker and stronger than our IndustraShield poly. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, which are often encountered during winters in the Louisville, KY area.  

When the owners expressed concerns, Hoar Construction, construction managers for the project, were tasked with searching for a quick solution. We were able to design and install the project without them having to lift a finger, making their lives much easier. The WeatherShield wall remained secure for the entirety of the project with no errors or issues. The success of this project was a great opportunity to show our capabilities while saving everyone involved time and money.

The Opportunity

WeatherShield is just one of the ways that we can serve your business during a construction project. Our various services and products offer you high-quality solutions that save you time and money in the long run. At ShieldWorks, we stay true to our promise of keeping your business safe and operational. Schedule an on-site evaluation with us today to get started!