If you have an upcoming construction project, temporary dust containment should always be a step you consider in the planning process. We have spoken many times about our pedigree as leaders in the interior protection industry. However, one element of interior protection that can sometimes go unnoticed is High Structure Cleaning.

Every re-roofing or construction project creates dust and debris. While the Suspended Cover we provide is designed to prevent the contamination of people, products, and equipment down below, there are times when dust and debris will settle on horizontal surfaces above the site line of the Cover. ShieldWorks can perform High Structure Cleaning during the takedown of our suspended cover and as part of preventative safety maintenance using a variety of HEPA vacuums, Low-Velocity Air Washing, as well as the use of cleaning solvents with other tools/techniques. These remove all dust and debris on the ductwork, metal beams, trusses, and other horizontal services.

This service is a significant benefit to the long-term safety and protection of your organization. While there are many reasons to complete this service, here are four big reasons you should choose High Structure Cleaning.

Vital After a Roofing Project

During a roofing project, the weight and vibration of crews and machinery cause dust and debris to fall. While our IntelliShield suspended cover keeps it from falling all the way down into the midst of your employees and machinery, there is still dust and debris on surfaces above the plane of the temporary ceiling cover. In order to protect your team well beyond when the cover is removed, High Structure Cleaning is a necessary step your organization will want to take to prevent any future contamination.

Reduce Hazard or Fire Risk

As you can imagine, built-up dust and debris high in your ceiling can be a major hazard, even when you aren’t undergoing renovations or a roof replacement. There’s a constant threat of contamination and a fire risk if a rogue spark appears in your facility. Simply put, High Structure Cleaning is the right choice to make for your team’s safety. If you work in a high debris creating factory or industry, you want to ensure that no one is at risk of fire or other safety issues.

Improvement of Health and Safety

High Structure Cleaning is a step towards improving your organization’s health and safety. Have you ever cleaned your home and moved a furniture piece to reveal a crevice that has never been cleaned? It can be a similar experience when dealing with high-up structures in your facility. Out of sight, out of mind is a phrase that can be applied here far too often. Don’t allow negligence to harm your team.

Overall Regular Maintenance

Back to the example of cleaning your home, regular building maintenance is a necessary process. Regular cleaning keeps everyone healthy and your products uncontaminated. When it comes to what’s on many peoples’ minds, money, regular maintenance provides greater longevity for your building and equipment. 

At ShieldWorks, we’re focused on providing the highest quality assets to help your team stay protected. Unfortunately, High Structure Cleaning is often overlooked, yet it should be planned as a regular part of your facility’s maintenance plan. So if you’re reading this and realize that you desperately need this service, schedule an on-site evaluation with us!