Coronavirus (aka C0VID-10) continues to have a significant impact on the way business operate and how people and companies will operate as we all navigate this continuing crises.

ShieldWorks is committed to keeping our employees and customers Safe & Healthy and are following guidelines establish by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in addition to State & Local Health Departments.

Although ShieldWorks doesn’t have all the answers, we can certainly institute additional guidelines in an effort minimize any risks to our customers and our employees working remotely.

Our daily protocols will include the following:

  • Each vehicle will be equipped with Non-Contact Thermometers to scan team members prior to start of each shift..
  • Sanitizing vehicles
  • Sanitizing all tools used onsite
  • Sanitizing persona safety equipment

Crews are instructed to politely decline shaking hands or having any physical contact with anyone.

Whenever possible maintain social distancing.
Wash hands regularly using antibacterial soap.
Use hand-sanitizer regularly
Avoid large gatherings when possible
Report any flu-like symptoms to a supervisor immediately.

Conducting Business

All of us here at ShieldWorks are doing our best to respond to the demands and needs of our customers. Needless to say, the situation requires flexibility and patience while we continue to respond to the ever-changing business climate.

We will continue to send our installation teams to projects so long as they are not put in any danger or risk of contamination. While we continue to keep all of our employees updated and informed on the latest developments, we cannot predict what local state and federal jurisdictions will implement regarding inter-state travel, work restrictions etc.

ShieldWorks Management will be remotely monitoring all jobs and request that we receive timely notifications from our customers regarding anything that could impact our team and their safety. We reserve the right to remove our employees should there be a situation that has a potential for exposure to the virus.

We ask that customers notify us of any plan to postpone, shut down or modify any project that is ready to start or is currently in process. This will allow our crews ample time to get home.

We appreciate the opportunity to work together to insure that we all stay safe during this global crises.

Please feel free to call should you have any questions.

ShieldWorks Management