Construction sites are always a mess before you see the final results. Similarly, it’s very important to keep your construction project dust and debris separate from any area not involved. It is also a serious health risk to be inhaling dust from a construction area. The IndustraShield Construction Barrier can take away those worries. Here’s why you need it to protect your construction site.

  • It protects your project. The dust containment wall not only keeps the mess in order, but it helps keep the finished project clean as well. Even if you think you’ve cleaned it all up, sometimes more dust is knocked free from walls, beams, and more. These walls will force the dust to stay in one section until you’re ready to move onto another.
  • It keeps workers healthy. Without the proper protection, dust and debris can be inhaled. Over time this can lead to lung diseases or other health conditions. On the job, workers should be wearing the proper masks, but the wall will add an extra layer. On top of that, the walls keep out odors and fumes that can also be harmful.
  • They’re customizable. Each project is unique. This means that our dust containment walls are too. Each wall is customizable to keep employees, products, and equipment safe and secure. This customization includes tighter spots like air filters, tunnels, and doorways.

Does your construction site need a little extra protection? Contact us today! We’re here to keep you safe.