Just about every construction project comes with dust and debris; it’s inevitable. Not only is dust and debris a hassle to clean up, but it is also dangerous. Inhaling dust can cause serious health issues and falling debris can cause other injuries. With temporary dust containment, the risk can be significantly lessened, protecting not only people but products and your building, too. No matter what your next project is, there is a dust containment solution for you.

Replacing or repairing roofing

Depending on your situation, you more than likely want to avoid contamination of your non-construction zones as much as possible, especially if daily operations have to continue throughout your overhead repair or replacement. Temporary suspended covers keep dust and debris from falling below, protecting your facility’s people, products, and productivity.

Suspended ceiling interior protection offers optimum protection when creating a dust and debris containment barrier during re-roofing and other overhead construction projects. ShieldWorks offers a variety of materials and methods to maximize your suspended ceiling requirements.

There are even options for below-sprinkler construction dust barriers. These solutions provide the same protection as other dust containment options but are installed below your sprinkler system and break down in emergency situations. As a UL certified product, IntelliShield™ will dissolve at high temperatures, allowing sprinklers to do their job putting out potential fires. This adds an additional layer of safety and protection for your facility and project.

Construction projects in a contained specific area

On top of protection for your overhead projects, temporary walls and barricades can also be installed to separate construction activities from the rest of your business operations. This minimizes downtime and increases overall safety while allowing business as usual to continue. Temporary walls are the best way to help protect the people working in your facility from dust, debris, odors and fumes without interrupting your normal operations.

Vertical dust barriers are designed to fit your specific needs, including keeping both equipment, products, and employees safe and secure. These barriers can be customized to fit doorways, tunnels, and even air filters.

Exterior wall construction projects

No one wants their building exposed to the elements during renovation. Weather containment enclosures, such as scaffold wrap and building wrap, not only helps shield your construction project from the elements, but it also prevents dust and debris from contaminating the environment around you.

Heavy-duty vertical or horizontal debris netting can wrap a building in a cocoon of safety, protecting both workers, on-the-street pedestrians and adjacent properties. These temporary building enclosures also shield your building from inclement weather, helping your project stay on schedule.

Custom shrink wrap services offer a proven solution for buildings, scaffolding and tunnels. Other options, like bird barriers, sunshade protection and more, are also available, depending on the needs of your facility and project.

At ShieldWorks, we use proven methods to keep your construction dust and debris contained and keep everyone around you safe. No matter how complex your building is or how unique your circumstances are, we can find the right solution for you.

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