8 Things to Look for When Choosing an Interior Protection Company

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Planning interior protection for your business’ upcoming project can be difficult. You may be spending your days searching “temporary dust containment” or “temporary construction dust barrier,” and after looking through yet another provider, you just can’t look anymore. But, if you’re reading this, you can finally stop your search. Here are the eight things

The Revolutionary Benefits of Choosing Intellishield for Your Interior Protection

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Many businesses fail to understand the true importance of Interior Protection. Whether your roof is being renovated or you’re undergoing major construction, it is vital to ensure that your business' interior is protected. It is equally as important to be able to guarantee that your space is in safe hands should a fire or

Understanding the Types of Temporary Construction Barriers

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Since 1999, ShieldWorks has been delivering our clients the safest and highest quality temporary protection systems. Our process is to assess, recommend, install, and remove. This process allows us to help you navigate the situation and find the right answers for your unique containment and protection needs. For example, one situation that we often

ShieldWorks® offers a solution for Historic Courthouse

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Project Details Client: Patrick D. Murphy Co., Inc. Project Type: Commercial Location: Lexington, KY Project Overview ShieldWorks was contacted by Jean-Paul Grivas of Patrick D. Murphy Co., Inc., Architects to help specify a means of protecting the interior dome of the historic Courthouse in downtown Lexington, KY. The Challenge The courthouse had

ShieldWorks® offers a solution when others couldn’t…. or wouldn’t!

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Project Details Client: Anonymous Project Type: Commercial Location: Plano, TX Project Overview ShieldWorks was called by a Roofing Consultant to help them out of a bind. It seems that they had contracted with another Interior Protection Company to install a suspended ceiling in a High Security Data Center, (above a series of

ShieldWorks® offers a solution for Nuclear Energy Facility.

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Project Details Client: Anonymous Project Type: Commercial Location: Northeast USA Project Overview ShieldWorks was contacted by a roofing consultant representing the largest nuclear energy producer in the northeast. The project consisted of 88,000 square feet of roof replacement in one of its operational turbine buildings. The Challenge Replacing the roof of a

The Risks of Construction Projects without Temporary Dust Containment

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Any construction project comes with its share of risks and hazards, but generally, you take steps to avoid injury and damage, whether it be personal protective equipment, specialized techniques or other safety measures. The same should go for your construction dust. Risk to people Dust and debris tend to get everywhere during a construction

3 Construction Scenarios That Need Temporary Dust Containment

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Just about every construction project comes with dust and debris; it’s inevitable. Not only is dust and debris a hassle to clean up, but it is also dangerous. Inhaling dust can cause serious health issues and falling debris can cause other injuries. With temporary dust containment, the risk can be significantly lessened, protecting not

Why an On-Site Evaluation is Crucial for Proper Temporary Dust Containment

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When you’re doing a construction or renovation project keeping dust and debris away from people and the space below, isn’t just necessary for easy cleanup, it’s a matter of safety. At ShieldWorks, it is our purpose to help you ensure overall safety for your employees and visitors. As part of that, we meet with

3 Types of Temporary Construction Barriers

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ShieldWorks is here to provide commercial, industrial, and retail clients with innovative solutions for temporary dust and debris containment. No matter how unique your needs are, we can help you find the best barrier for your project. We offer several different types of construction barriers, and we want you to be as prepared as

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