ShieldWorks is here to provide commercial, industrial, and retail clients with innovative solutions for temporary dust and debris containment. No matter how unique your needs are, we can help you find the best barrier for your project. We offer several different types of construction barriers, and we want you to be as prepared as possible to make the decision that is best for your next project when the time comes.

Temporary ceiling cover 

Temporary Suspended Ceiling Protection offers optimum shielding during roof replacement and other overhead construction projects through the installation of horizontal dust and debris containment barriers. At ShieldWorks, we offer two different kinds of suspended covers to meet the needs of any project.

The TopShield suspended cover is installed before a roof replacement or repair begins and is removed upon completion of your project. This protection system offers optimum dust and debris containment, no matter how complex your project is. We have a variety of materials and methods available, such as reinforced poly, netting, heat shrink and more, to maximize your suspended ceiling requirements.

When added safety is required, ShieldWorks also offers our IntelliShield temporary suspended cover. This system is installed below the fire sprinkler system to contain dust and debris during re-roofing projects, but will dissolve at high temperatures, allowing the sprinklers to go to work putting out a fire.

Whenever possible, our team will install a dust barrier above sprinklers, but we wanted to be able to offer an alternative solution to sprinkler impairment. No matter what your situation is, however, we will always offer you a choice and help provide you with the expertise and guidance you need to select the right system for your project.

Construction wall barriers 

These effective temporary barrier solutions are designed to separate active work environments from interior construction renovation zones. The ShieldWorks team constructs temporary walls and barricades to separate construction activities that produce dust, debris, and odor from the rest of your business operations to minimize downtime and increase safety.

A vertical dust barrier, like the IndustraShield construction barrier, actually keeps dust, debris, odor, and fumes out during construction. These barriers are designed to fit a project’s specific needs and will ensure the safety of equipment and employees.

Exterior protection

Temporary exterior protection can be installed to shield your construction project from the elements and prevent dust and debris contamination of the environment. With our weather containment enclosures, such as scaffold wrap and building wrap, heavy-duty netting can wrap a building in a cocoon of safety, protecting both workers, on-the-street pedestrians along with adjacent properties. 

Our Weathershield building wrap netting is ultra-durable, fire retardant and can be relocated for re-use. This type of material is perfect for projects that need to stay on schedule during inclement weather, as it will hold up no matter what is happening outside.

You can trust our team of professionals at ShieldWorks to do what we can to protect your people, property and production properly during a construction project. We understand that every building is different and requires unique solutions to contain dust and debris and keep everyone safe during an overhead project. 

No matter what type of interior protection you need for your next project, ShieldWorks can help. Schedule an on-site evaluation now.