Project Details

Client: Anonymous

Project Type: Commercial

Location: Northeast USA

Project Overview

ShieldWorks was contacted by a roofing consultant representing the largest nuclear energy producer in the northeast. The project consisted of 88,000 square feet of roof replacement in one of its operational turbine buildings.

The Challenge

Replacing the roof of a nuclear turbine building can be among the most difficult and time-consuming projects in the roofing industry. Scheduled to be completed over a four year period, the project called for a long-lasting protection solution. In addition to the length of time, a important criteria called for an interior protection system that would not retain water, while still being able to contain all roofing debris.

The Solution

ShieldWorks contacted Herve Rivard of Netting Now. Mr. Rivard recommended an NP-110 @ 3/32” x 3/32” Polyester Mesh. The mesh provided the allowable strength for roofing debris while maintaining the requirement for a material that allowed water to pass through the containment barrier.


Because of the diverse experience ShieldWorks has gleaned over our 20+ years (offering protection solutions ) we were able to provide a unique, but intuitive solution for an industry with very little margin for error.