Project Details

Client: Anonymous

Project Type: Commercial

Location: Plano, TX

Project Overview

ShieldWorks was called by a Roofing Consultant to help them out of a bind. It seems that they had contracted with another Interior Protection Company to install a suspended ceiling in a High Security Data Center, (above a series of highly sensitive and congested customer spaces). After the P.O. was issued, and the day of the job start, the Interior Protection Company decided they could not (or would not) install their system unless it was below lights and any/all structural members. The consultant did not want the I.P. Company to access the individual customer spaces with lifts/ladders as was made clear during the initial bid process. ShieldWorks was called to come out and visit the site to see if we could come up with a plan to provide adequate protection and minimize intrusion into the customer space below.

The Challenge

Many Interior Protection Contractors prefer to install their temporary suspended barriers at a site line that minimizes penetrations. The more things you have to cut around and re-seal increases labor and costs etc. In many cases, these other contractors will only install that way. Unfortunately, that philosophy doesn’t always work based on the needs of the customer.

The Solution

ShieldWorks visited the Data Center and conducted a thorough review of the site conditions. Since our philosophy is to always provide our customers with the solution that best fits their needs, it was clear that the only viable alternative was to install just below the roof deck. This required us to walk the I-Beams utilizing a variety of materials that included Beam Clamps, aluminum scaffold platforms and Beam Sliders, coupled with the necessary harnesses and tie-off materials. Couple with our extensive experience “climbing structural steel”, ShieldWorks was able to give the customer what they wanted and needed in this particular case.


ShieldWorks has the experience to provide custom solutions. Not every Interior Protection Customer is willing to except a cookie cutter solution, when a true “custom solution” is called for. ShieldWorks offers a variety of answers for your Interior Protection needs. Above Sprinkler, below sprinkler, above lights, below lights–ShieldWorks has the custom solutions that fit YOUR needs, not ours!