Many businesses fail to understand the true importance of Interior Protection. Whether your roof is being renovated or you’re undergoing major construction, it is vital to ensure that your business’ interior is protected. It is equally as important to be able to guarantee that your space is in safe hands should a fire or other unexpected safety disaster occur while work is being done. 

ShieldWorks has provided temporary Dust & Debris Containment Services throughout North America for over 22 years. We have worked diligently to develop quality solutions for maintaining optimum overhead dust & debris containment and overall safety standards! Let’s take a look at why Interior Protection really matters and how Intellishield is a vital, safety and containment solution!

Importance of Interior Protection

Over the past few decades, more and more businesses have become acutely aware of the risks associated with contamination to people, products, and equipment during construction. The cost for temporary containment is far less compared to the costs associated with line shutdowns, product recalls, and employee injury when interior protection is not utilized. Industries like Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, and Data Centers (to name a few) are particularly sensitive to contamination prospects during Re-roofing, Construction, and Renovation. 

For example, when a customer declines interior protection during a roof replacement, they may quickly realize their mistake when tiny elements and particulate dust begin to fall on their people or product.  No matter how much contractors attempt to minimize dust and debris, it’s nearly impossible to contain it all.  When this inevitably happens, the project lead is forced to stop production to remedy their mistake which ultimately costs everyone more time and money.  

Now that you understand the importance of interior protection let’s look at an issue many companies face: sprinklers. 

IntelliShield: A Revolutionary Interior Protection Option

IntelliShield is ShieldWorks’ answer to the various issues with sprinkler head impairment. IntelliShield is made of a six-millimeter woven poly sewn in 6’ x 10’ panels using a heat reactive thread. So what exactly does that mean? It means that when temperatures reach a certain level, the reactive thread will melt, causing the panels of poly to release, allowing for the sprinklers to activate in a timely manner, completely unobstructed. As a result, our UL 732/723S Certified IntelliShield has become the new standard in our industry. 

This revolutionary product protects your personnel from a potential hazard. In addition, it saves your company time and money by negating the need for a full-time Fire Watch and the potential for an arduous process of installing the Dust Barrier in small sections. So stop stressing about sprinkler impairment at your facility and schedule an on-site evaluation with us today.