Since 1999, ShieldWorks has been delivering our clients the safest and highest quality temporary protection systems. Our process is to assess, recommend, install, and remove. This process allows us to help you navigate the situation and find the right answers for your unique containment and protection needs. For example, one situation that we often deal with is the need for temporary dust containment barriers. These provide interior protection against construction dust, debris, odors, and fumes. Let’s look at some of the different types of construction barriers.

Soft Wall

The standard IndustraShield frameless wall allows floor-to-ceiling containment using a 6mil reinforced poly that safely and effectively separates the work environment from the construction zone. This dust barrier allows for continuous operation of the production area. This solution can be used in various settings, such as a pool, warehouse, or a large gymnasium. It’s the perfect solution when an area needs interior protection from a site under construction.

Reinforced Wall

Sometimes a construction project can do more than just spread dust and debris. Our variety of framed walls provide additional integrity and strength for more demanding construction projects. In addition, studded framed walls at 4’ and 8’ offer added safety at the pedestrian level. Face panels offer a variety of materials, such as plywood, FRP panels, and custom materials to fit the job’s specific requirements. The custom nature of these walls allows doors and openings to be placed where they are needed.

Total Encapsulation

When it comes to dust containment barriers, this one is perhaps the largest undertaking. This is for those projects that require a total encapsulation barrier, where we combine the appropriate IndustraShield barrier with our TopShield or IntelliShield systems for a completely safe and guarded environment. Yet again, with the ability to customize and adjust the barrier to fit your space. 

Exterior Building Wraps

Outdoor construction projects often face multiple hazards. Exterior scaffolding and building wraps help to guard against unforeseen accidents. Custom shrink wrap for building, scaffolding, and tunnels shield your workspace from the harshest weather conditions. Heavy-duty debris netting protects employees, pedestrians, and property and provides a bird barrier for your facility. 

High Structure Cleaning

Over time, dust and debris accumulate on horizontal surfaces in the ceiling. In these instances, it is necessary to have a temporary ceiling cover. In addition, we clean high structure surfaces such as pipes, ductwork, metal beams, and trusses to prevent contaminants from falling onto workspaces below. Crew members and others can be put at risk if horizontal surfaces are not adequately covered during this type of construction.

So if you require construction barriers for your next project, look no further than ShieldWorks! Contact us today and schedule an on-site evaluation.