In general, a temporary suspended ceiling is a general term for a deceptively thin plastic, poly, laminate, or plastic-like sheet that is installed just below the ceiling proper for the purposes of dust and debris protection and prevention, keeping the room below clean while the roof or ceiling is remodeled. This is especially important where preventing contamination by the debris is critical. Temporary suspended ceilings also help protect individuals below while keeping a working environment like an office as dust-free as possible and preventing many health ailments.

These giant sheets must be completely safe, being rated for water, heat, and other variable elements. One of the greatest concerns when using a drop-style suspended ceiling is the positioning below crucial safety systems like sprinklers. Thankfully, Shield Works uses IntelliShield, the intuitive solution to sprinkler impairment. Despite being set below sprinklers, the product will dissolve at high temperatures, allowing sprinklers to do their job and put out potential fires much to the relief of fire marshals, safety personnel, and insurance companies.

temporary suspended ceiling

That being said, ShieldWorks also offers, installs, and recommends barriers set above sprinklers dependent on access and congestion. We recognize that the industry has continued to press for an alternate solution and swear by the effectiveness of IntelliShield.

Regardless of your choice, suspended ceiling interior protection offers optimum protection both to construction workers and other individuals around your property during reproofing and other overhead construction projects. Our expertise and methodology are the consequence of years of hard work, experience, and collaboration with industry professionals and are backed by millions of square feet of field-tested installation. Whichever your project or need, from re-roofing, structural repairs, mold remediation in overhead drywall, or simply making a workspace sterile in biochemistry, food, and food warehousing, pharmaceuticals, or sensitive equipment industries, we guarantee our equipment will be dependable, safe, and worth every penny of your investment.