When you’re doing a construction or renovation project keeping dust and debris away from people and the space below, isn’t just necessary for easy cleanup, it’s a matter of safety. At ShieldWorks, it is our purpose to help you ensure overall safety for your employees and visitors. As part of that, we meet with you to discuss your project’s needs before taking any next steps.

Our Process

When you come to our team for a quote on a temporary dust containment system, we do everything in our power to fully understand your project and then determine the best way to contain your dust. Our experts visit the worksite to inspect and research the space, provide recommendations for the best system, and then use our expertise to install a temporary ceiling cover.

Before an interior protection project begins, nothing is done without safety in mind. We always conduct a site-specific job hazard analysis with our crew leader to identify exposures and address specific job site concerns. 

On-Site Evaluation

​​An on-site evaluation with ShieldWorks includes a professional and accurate assessment of your project’s needs and an advisor’s recommendations of the best practices and system for your space.

Our on-site evaluation process is an important part of maintaining safety at your worksite at all times. We can’t see the nuances and details about a space with photos alone. Without the full scope of the space, you could end yo with a system that is not effective. Not only is that incredibly unsafe, but it also defeats the purpose of installing a temporary construction dust barrier in the first place.

If you are interested in temporary containment, trust the experts and do it well. With years in this industry experience and a dedication to finding an effective answer to the long-standing problem of dust and debris infiltration during roof replacement and other overhead projects, our team at ShieldWorks is here to help you.

Schedule an on-site evaluation today.