In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of a dust containment wall and why you need it for any construction or renovation project you might have. These same concerns include covering the ceiling for construction projects that may be happening above your ground level. You have to make sure dust and debris can’t fall and potentially damage or harm your space or any workers. However, by placing a shield covering your ceiling, your concern may be that it covers the sprinkler system, which is dangerous in case of a fire. That is where the IntelliShield™ comes in handy.

Why is it important?

At ShieldWorks, we recommend having your temporary cover installed above the sprinklers. While you could have the cover wrapped around the sprinklers, you risk there not being a tight enough seal. Even a small hole can let too much dust and debris through. 

The next best option is to install the temporary cover below the sprinklers to avoid any holes that might cause an issue. With that, the biggest concern is what if a fire breaks out? With the sprinklers covered there’s no way they can activate properly. This is why the IntelliShield™ was invented.

How does it work?

The IntelliShield™ is a brand new product that is made of 100% recycled material. It’s specifically designed to be installed below the sprinklers for the seamless coverage for dust and debris from re-roofing projects. This temporary cover will dissolve in high temperatures making it a safe alternative to other temporary covers. If a fire does break out the IntelliShield™ will break apart when the temperature rises to allow the sprinklers to activate quickly.

At ShieldWorks, we’re dedicated to keeping your and your crew safe. Contact us today for more information about the IntelliShield™ temporary cover for your next project!